Thursday, December 15, 2016

Job Description of a Stay At Home Mom

"What exactly do you do all day?"

For the longest time, this questioned annoyed me. Maybe it's because it feels belittling. Maybe it's because I can never think of an answer to the question leading me to feel frustrated and that I'm proving the stereotypes of stay at home mom's right. Maybe it's because I wish I had a profound answer that would instantly make that person respect the "job position" I've accepted. Maybe it's because for the longest time, I swore I would never be a stay at home mom. Maybe it's also because it is typically asked by career driven men who I assume will never be impressed, so why bother? (See how a lot of these things are my own insecurities that manifest themselves into perceived intentions of others? Yikes)

Because of this, I decided to make a job description of my life of a stay at home mom. I feel like it'd be hard to list the day by day activities (even with a routine), but just like any job, things pop up, schedules change, and adjustments have to be made.  So, here's a quick overview to hopefully speak to those who often ask this question :).

If I missed anything, let me know. :)

Job Description
Stay-At-Home Mom

Stay- At-Home Mom Job Duties:

  • Inventory Management: Maintain and stock inventory of household goods in a timely manner. (Nothing worse than running out of diapers mid blowout...or running out of coffee.....)

  • Conflict Resolution: Responsible for all at-home conflict to include: temper tantrums, resistance to authority, and a misunderstanding of instruction/end goal. This also includes the ability to discipline as needed. 
  • Relationship Management: Connect with existing and new family and friends by various forms of communication: face-to-face, email, texting, etc. 
  • Financial Management: Responsibly spend money based on wants/needs. 

  • Ensures peak mental/physical performance of all in household by planning, preparing, and serving three meals a day. (take-out counts ;))
  • Attend daily/weekly/monthly (as needed) meetings with co-manager (spouse) to ensure communication, teamwork, and objectives are in place (and running smoothly) 
  • Primary instructor of mental and physical development of littlest employee(s). 
  • Primary caretaker when employees are sick. This also includes administering medicine/treatment as needed.
  • Maintain family calendar and schedule appointments as needed. 
  • Plan and execute outings for employee development and team bonding.
  • Build and maintain a routine that best suits employees.
  • Prevent an abundance of insects or other interesting "sciencey" stuff from forming by maintaining a clean(ish) house.
  • Physical and Mental Development: Exercise as employees (dog and baby) and weather permit. Make attempts to read and study as time allows (ha). 

Stay-At-Home Mom Skills and Qualifications:

  • Excellent researching skills. Applicant must possess thorough data-gathering skills regarding poop, sleep, etc. 
  • Ability to say "no." (to employees AND others)
  • Ability to find means other than sleep to have energy and execute daily duties.
  • Ability to LAUGH and enjoy fellow employees.
  • Ability to multi-task. (duh)
  • Bilingual. (ability to speak in baby talk/hand motions)
  • Patience and the ability to smile and nod at unsolicited advice. 
  • Must accept terms regarding vacation/sick days (IE: DOES NOT EXIST).
  • Ability to work independently. (while there is no direct overseer giving annual performance reviews, thankfully there is prayer. Lots and lots of prayer.)
  • The desire to love, forgive, and ask for forgiveness on a daily basis.
  • Ability to lovingly support and encourage other (stay-at-home OR working) moms.