Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Prayer Journal: Psalm 119:169-176

I am currently reading "Uninvited" by Lysa TerKeurst, and it has been such a blessing to me. In Chapter 14, she shares 10 prayers that are guided by different scriptures. I was encouraged to try that myself, and the Lord has met me during these times that I spend reading and praying through His Word. 

I've had friends mention their struggle of reading the Bible and feeling like they aren't taking anything away from it. There are lot's of great methods to study and spend time in the Bible, but I wanted to share how I spent some time reading Scripture and praying through what I've read. I am so thankful that the Lord meets me and reveals Himself to me as I sit and read His word and pray to Him. 

Psalm 119: 169-176
(the versus are in quotation and italics, my prayers are underneath)

"May my cry come before you, Lord; give me understanding according to your Word."

Lord, I am sorry that I often don't come to you---that I often seek understanding from a friend, article, book, etc---I long to come before You and to seek understanding from Your word.

"May my supplication come before you; deliver me according to your promise."

Supplication: the action of asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly

I know that you know the desires of my heart. I know that I often think my desires are what will lead me to true joy. I thank you that you listen, but I ask that you would deliver me according to your promise-I ask for peace and understanding when I am told "no" or "not yet."

"May my lips overflow with praise, for you teach me your decrees. May my tongue sing of your word, for all your commands are righteous."

Lord, I want to praise You for Your goodness--Your perfect will in the midst of a broken world. Your commands are righteous and bring restoration, peace, and love. Your grace consumes me and I am so thankful for your pursuing and unending love.

"I long for your salvation, Lord, and your laws give me delight. Let me live that I may praise you, and may your laws sustain me. I have strayed like a lost sheep. Seek your servant, for I have not forgotten your commands."

Lord, I am constantly straying--yet you constantly seek and find me. I long to keep that perspective so that I may live a life of praise to you. Your laws and commands are not in place to hinder me, but to point me to Your Perfection---A perfect God who loves me in spite of my imperfections.

Have you tried this method of praying/spending time with God? If not, and you decide to try it out, I'd love to hear about what the Lord reveals to you! If you have another method you like to use to meet with the Lord, I'd also love to hear about it!

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  1. Excellent blog!! When we sit and let His word stir our heart, the Holy Spirit guides us in our prayers. May you continue to share and encourage us all on our journey!