Sunday, June 14, 2015

You're In The Doghouse

Sometimes, my husband will say or do something that lands him in the proverbial doghouse. 

Focusing on my anger and frustration makes it very easy to create an imaginary "to do" list he must accomplish before he is able to come out. 

Some of this is conditioning from the thousands of times I have been grounded (yes, I was grounded a lot-my own fault).  Mostly, this is due to my lack of desire to show the same grace to my husband that I know was given to him (and me) in Christ.

Will he ever REALLY do enough to "earn" my love and forgiveness?
How do I expect (and hope for) him to respond when I mess up? (And I do...a lot)

Sometimes making mistakes is humbling and a cause to repent, but other times being on the other side-the one struggling to forgive- is just as humbling and reason enough to repent(x500). 

It's time to knock the doghouse down for good. 

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