Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Why I Like to Blog

I often make fun of myself for writing in a blog----because I'm one of those people who "writes in a blog." It's funny. I'm writing a blog post to share with the internet right now. I could stop myself at any moment, but I keep typing away, and I enjoy every minute of it.

So, I asked myself (and then decided to share with you), why do I blog? What motive do I have? (Certainly not monetary :)) What inspires me?

Why do I blog?

1) Writing is therapeutic for me. It always has been. I should actually be paying you for reading my blog posts because of the therapy you give me by allowing me to share my thoughts (and...feelings) with the world wide web.

2) I like to share my thoughts and experiences. Sometimes, I experience serious and life changing things. Sometimes, I find a new tv show I like. Sometimes, I feel very contemplative and insightful. Other times, I feel very sarcastic and goofy. (I hope it's obvious in my posts which one is which :-P)

3) I like to write about things I would be interested to read about in other blogs. I like reading about how others overcome trials. I like reading about the inner-struggle every person in the world deals with (and how they deal with it). I like vulnerability. I like honesty. I like sarcasm. I like it when people can poke fun at themselves. I like to be told about fun stuff to try.

4) I always have an idea developing in my mind about what I want to write about. Sometimes, it takes me 2-3 months to fully develop and write about that topic. Sometimes, conversations inspire a blog post. A lot of times, my quiet time (Bible reading/prayer) inspire a blog post. Sometimes, there are just days when I need to share something--serious or silly--- for the sake of sharing something.

5) I wish I could say I like to blog as a means to "watch and see" how I grow, but honestly, once I publish a post, more often than not, I do not read it again. Why? Some of the things that I write about are filled with so much vulnerability and honesty that it's hard for me to read (and to actually deal with what I just admitted out loud for anyone to read).

6) I hope to point others to Christ. I hope to be authentic. I hope to be vulnerable. I hope and pray for humility (in the midst of a whole lot of pride and selfishness). I hope to show, through my life and experiences, an imperfect person who has been given perfect love and grace.

7) It's FUN! Whether I have 15 or 400 views on a post, I love it.

8) Your encouragement changes my life. For real. The conversations I have with people about different things I've written about is so encouraging and awesome. It helps me to see I'm not alone. I've also been given insights and ideas I would never have thought of on my own.

So, there it is. That is why I'm one of those people who "writes in a blog."

Side note: I've never written a blog post in a coffee shop (yet).

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