Monday, June 29, 2015

Tonight Is Going To Be Interesting....

We all like to talk about ourselves, admit it.

That's why, when I meet someone, I like to find a subject that person and I may relate on to talk about.

A while ago (I will not disclose when), I met a DJ.

I love talking about music. I love dancing to music. DJ's typically love music and witness people dance along to it. Because of this, I thought this DJ and I had found a common ground and this was a safe topic to discuss.

Me: "I've recently discovered that there is a difference between the Bernie and the Wobble. It was pretty embarrassing to find out that I have been doing the Bernie during the Wobble, so I made sure to watch YouTube videos and practice doing the RIGHT moves to the RIGHT song.

DJ: (walking away) "Tonight is going to be interesting...."

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