Wednesday, June 10, 2015

LISTEN TO ME! (please?)

I tried to see if there was a phobia for people who are scared to not be able to voice their opinion to others, because if so, I probably have it.

I have a lot of opinions. I like to share them (for better or for worse).

We all have something to prove though, don't we? We are out to prove our "tolerance" or our "disgust." We are out to prove our "wisdom" or our "free spirit." We are out to prove our value and worth. We long for our opinions to be heard and respected. We long to have a voice that advocates and produces change.

But, we all want different things. The same strength lies within each of us, yet produces different outcomes. One's success is another's failure.

What are we measuring?
What are we proving?
What are we accomplishing?

I don't think it's a mistake that we have all be given a will and desire to see justice, change, and freedom in our culture. But, I often ask myself, is it often misguided? (Even WITH the best intentions?) Do we have so much of a microscopic and limited focus that we fail to see the bigger picture? As a Believer, I ask myself, do I focus too much on the "matters of this world?" Where is the line of "matters of this world" and "matters of heaven?"

And then I remember-- He has already overcome it all.

He is more powerful than any strength or power I may posses.
He is more loving and patient than I am ever capable of being.
He produces more change than any "progress" I can ever take credit for.

This morning, I prayed that He would teach me to pray and advocate for His will. (And no, that will not be followed by condemning everyone who disagrees with me or how I feel He is calling me.) I asked that He would teach me to love and forgive those who try to hurt me in the name of disagreeing. I asked for a mind that would seek Him above all other wisdom or knowledge presented to me. I asked for a voice that is okay with silence---an ability to listen and not have to share my opinion immediately afterwards. Lastly, I asked for a heart that can love others---regardless of my opinion about their life or choices. (I'm not going to deny that my own opinions will forever exist :))

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