Monday, June 15, 2015

A Girl and Her Shoes

I grew up in Aurora, Illinois. When I was in fifth grade, the coolest shoes to own were the Nike Air Force One's. (This was a year before the infamous song came out).

(Google tells me these are the prized Air Force One's we all longed to own---this was also the time before Nike Shox)

Seeing that I spent most of my elementary school life as the tall, skinny girl who refused to talk to anyone, I didn't have very many moments that I felt very "cool."

Then, one night, my parents took me shoe shopping. I found the much cheaper shoe called the Nike Ace '83. They fit all of my standards for shoes (that I still keep today)--cheap, plain, and comfy.

These are the shoes I picked---size 5.

And then, I went to school. I literally had a group of 5-6 guys around my feet talking about my shoes. "KELSEY, YOUR SHOES ARE AWESOME!" "KELSEY, ARE YOUR PARENTS RICH?" "KELSEY, WOWWWWW!"

I was so excited.

And then I was asked, "those ARE the new Air Force One's, right?"

To which I was like. "No! They are Ace 83's! Aren't they awesome?"

Collectively, they responded, "Oh, never mind."

Every time I buy a new pair of shoes, I find myself asking my husband what he thinks about them. I think  I still hope that one day I will redeem myself.

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