Saturday, May 30, 2015

Snapchat Etiquette.

I feel a calling to make the world a better place.

Because of that, I am laying out some simple "Snap Chat rules" I think would benefit all of it's users.

1) If you are adding a video with really loud, obnoxious noises (IE: a song, concert, etc), please give a picture warning beforehand. The caption could read like the following: "LOUD VIDEO IN NEXT SNAP!" or "IF YOU ARE IN CLASS/MEETING TURN VOLUME DOWN." It's just polite and helpful.

2) Does anyone else remember going to concerts during the pre-snapchat days? I remember when my friends or myself would go to a concert, and when a specific song would come on, we would call each other to let one of our other friends who couldn't make it listen to the song with us. Remember how you could never really hear or understand the words through the phone? Well, attaching video doesn't really do anything other than letting us all know where you are. We still can't understand the music. Also, you sent me in shock with the loud, obnoxious noises with no warning beforehand.

3) Just think about the story you are telling, especially if you post everyday. Is it captivating? Does it have character development? Are you stretching your creativity? Spend some time really creating a story people WANT to watch.

4) Keep your snaps somewhat mysterious. I will sometimes go DAYS without posting so that I hopefully have my audience guessing and wanting more. "Where is Kelsey? WHAT IS SHE UP TO RIGHT THIS SECOND?" "IS SHE DRIVING? WHAT SONG IS ON THE RADIO?" "IS SHE WITH HER DOG? WHAT IS HE DOING?"

5) Don't post ALL of your snaps to your story. Sometimes, it's important to make your friends and family feel like they have earned the rights to EXCLUSIVE snaps.

6) Don't ignore/not respond to someone's text/call and then immediately view a snap they send you. They will get mad at you.

7) Don't send anything you wouldn't want the recipient to screen shot. My sister and mom are notorious for sending crazy pics and then are all "Hey! Delete that!" Nope, blackmail.

I hope these tips are helpful for you. Any little bit that I can do to make a positive impact on others and the way we communicate is a responsibility I do not take lightly.

Also, please do not take me seriously.

But seriously, give me a warning before putting videos in your story.

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