Friday, May 22, 2015

How To Prepare For Wedding Season

Here we are! We're back to that time of year again- the save the dates and invites should have been rolling in for a while now, but the actual weddings are soon approaching.

I thought I'd write a quick post on how I prepare for this season full of showers, ceremonies, and receptions. I will also share some quick tips I've learned.

I personally have never planned a wedding- we did a quick and easy ceremony with immediate family only, but do not dismiss my advice---after being both a bridesmaid and guest at countless weddings, I assure you, I am a professional wedding guest. it goes:

1) Having a separate budget  for weddings is probably a good idea, but sometimes it is so much more fun to be like "Oh my gosh, I am sooo broke from allll of these weddings and events I am invited to." It makes you sound important. So the separate budget is optional.

2) RSVP in a timely manner. I have been both a good and bad RSVPer and have received both the appreciation and wrath from being both types. I'd rather receive the "thanks so much for RSVPing BEFORE the "RSVP BY" date!" than the opposite. :)

3) Think BEFOREHAND about songs you would like to request to the DJ. The pressure is intense at the reception to think of something. You should have a variety of mindless/fun music to sweet/romantic songs. Also think to yourself--- "could people dance/sing along to this?" Also, I suggest songs keeping the bride/groom/audience and their preferences in mind.

On my personal list: Uptown Funk -Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars (because : TOO HOT!)
                                  This Is How We Do - Katy Perry (because: bridesmaids always like their one anthem-- I'm serious ...there is always at least one point in the night when they are the only ones on the dance floor dancing together)
                                  Lose Control- Missy Elliot (because: there's always that one guy/girl that cranks out the crazy awesome dances moves that puts everyone else to shame)
                                  American Kids- Kenny Chesney (because: this will get the people who do not like to dance at least singing along)
                                  Drunk On A Plane - Dierks Bentley (because: irony)
                                  Shake It Off - Taylor Swift (because: even though it's overplayed, it's easy to dance to)
                                 The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra (because; You're never too old to boogie, and this song is awesome)

Look at all the strategy I put into the songs I pick! Any good DJ will likely have these jams and will play at lease one or two of them, but, if not, you can always suggest them and be the cool one who knows how to keep the party flowing. (If you do not get these results, it's not my fault, blame the musician).

4) PRACTICE those dance moves. For Real.

I've made the TRAGIC mistake of doing the Bernie during the Wobble. THEY ARE TWO VERY DIFFERENT DANCES- and there are tutorials on Youtube for both. I'm serious--I've already been watching and practicing.  (Two additional songs to suggest if they are not played---then you can be the one everyone tries to learn the moves from.)

5) Don't be that person sitting at the table judging the people that are out there dancing. Just remember---dancing is an ART, not matter how crazy it may look. 

Well, that concludes my list of how to prepare for wedding season. How do you prepare? Did I miss anything?

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