Friday, April 3, 2015

Eating Gluten Free Is Easy

Honestly, when I got the call last Friday that I tested positive for celiac disease, I wasn't surprised.


Because I have experience with elimination diets and recognize how food with gluten makes me feel after I eat it. In fact, when I went to the doctors office, I specifically told her I thought that may be the problem.

I also was not scared about having to eat gluten free. Why? Eating gluten free is easy. Eating healthy is hard. In fact, we have been eating pretty much GF for a few months (throw in a couple of nights of gluten filled junk food, what can I say? Pizza is good). Although, I was very, very sad to hear the news and have confirmation of what I thought. I'm in the middle of penning a break up letter to cookies as we speak..."It's not you, it's me. I just love my small intestines more, I'm sorry."

Because of the popularity of the gluten free "diet" (I say that because for most, it is assumed that simply eliminating gluten will help them drop the pounds), Pinterest, and even the aisles of the grocery store, host A LOT of junk food marked with the "gluten free" label. (I may or may not have eaten a Reese's earlier today--of course, labeled GF). Logic, but not always experience, tells me that if my body is responding so strongly to something like gluten, why would it not respond negatively to junk food in general? It's not always just the gluten that makes me sick, but the other nasty stuff I'm putting into my body along with it contributes as well. GF/SF/Paleo or not.

The point of this post is to say that whether you have an autoimmune disorder or not, I think our bodies all want the same thing: a diet consisting of a lot of "good for you" foods balanced with protein, vitamins, and fat. Mine just lets me know that in a very dramatic way.

Also, I still love Reese's. And I still search for GF desserts on the regular. I just am learning to have a better balance :).

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