Saturday, March 14, 2015

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt-A TV Show We Can Both Agree On

Okay, before I start, take a listen to the intro of this show. It is CATCHY and I love it.

Shows that Alex and I both like (and watch together) are few and far between. We typically watch crime shows that are pretty serious and involved. This show is hilarious, light, and ummm hilarious.
Here are some reasons we enjoy this show:

1) It is a Netflix original. I am convinced Netflix does not allow anything sub-par to carry the "Netflix Original" stamp in it's title.

2) Ellie Kemper is amazing. The awkward and goofy girl we remember from The Office and Bridesmaids is back, but this time, she is also amazingly strong and independent. It's a refreshing mix and she is hilarious along the way. (I really like the word hilarious)

3) The plot line is unique (yet all too familiar). It centers around Ellie Kemper's character, Kimmy Schmidt, and her adventures after being released from a bunker after years of being told by an opportunistic pastor that the apocalypse occurred and she (and 3 other girls) were the only survivors. The other girls are pretty funny as well.

4) Tina Fey is a producer and has a small part in the show.

5) Jon Hamm is involved.

6) They are shorter episodes so it's impossible to feel guilty after watching 5 or more episodes in a row. ;)

Check it out! I really doubt you will regret it.

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