Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Love You, Honey

I don't know how this happened, but every meal I planned for this week has honey as one of the ingredients. These are all new recipes that we are going to try, so I hope they are good. (But if honey is involved, I'm sure they will be ;))

I would like to point out that while these recipes look and sound delicious, I have a feeling this may be tempting on one of those nights I don't feel like cooking. Winnie the Pooh knows the right way to eat honey.

So, here's our honey-filled menu:

1) Honey Balsamic Chicken Tenders by Budget Bytes. This recipes looks super simple and I like how they have all the ingredients labeled by cost so I can see just how much the meal costs per serving. I think it's a good reminder that I can't always justify Chik-fil-a or going out to eat. ;) We have a whole bunch of frozen veggies in our freezer that I may serve with it. That or salad.

2) Savory Stuffed Cabbage Rolls by Zoe Dawn. I'm not sure how this one is going to turn out. It looks simple enough, but I'm really bad at rolling things and trying to make a "stuffing" fit inside of a vegetable, especially something like cabbage. Wish me luck.

3) Sweet Potato Sloppy Joes by Paleo Newbie. I have a couple of sweet potatoes and a couple white potatoes, so I will probably make both and see which one I like more.

4) Garlic Cauliflower "Mashed Potatoes" by Nom Nom Paleo. This is more of a side dish, but I reallllly want to try it. (Alex, not so much) I don't really know what we will eat them with....maybe the cabbage rolls? I don't know. Please let me know if you've tried them and if they are worth making!

This is how I decide what to make for the week:
1) What meat/ingredients do I already have? (We have 2 lbs of ground beef in our freezer right now so that's why this week is ground beef heavy)
2) What sounds good? (Usually the answer is pizza, but I have to fight through it and really think)
3) Does this recipe use mostly whole/natural ingredients?
4) What are the current food trends? (I am super impressionable and always want to be eating what the "cool kids" are eating.) Just kidding, this isn't real. Maybe more like "what is currently in season?"
5) Can I justify eating a whole pint of ice cream after this meal? (If the answer is yes, it's on the list)

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