Monday, March 30, 2015

Accountability In Marriage.

Let me paint a picture of a Christian woman trying to keep her husband "accountable" and "point him to Christ."

She spends a lot of time thinking about what Christian leadership should look like in the home. She then gets annoyed when her husband doesn't live up to those expectations. She then gets even more annoyed when he messes up or does something not honoring to God. (Never mind her mistakes, because, grace). She makes suggestions in a nagging tone. When her husband does decide to open up about a current struggle or something weighing on his heart, she asks in an annoying tone, "Have you prayed about it?" (Never mind all the venting she does before even thinking about praying about situations that come up in her life). She constantly questions her motives and feels guilty for how she often responds to her husband.

Not ideal, right? Unfortunately, all of these things listed are what I have struggled with, or am currently struggling with. I think accountability in marriage is essential, but I'm learning what it looks like for Alex and I.

I'm praying to be a wife that can love and serve Alex well. I'm praying to be a wife that PRAYS for Alex regularly. I'm praying to be a wife that will listen to him when he is going through a hard time or needs to vent about something. I'm also praying for a loving way to point him to Christ in these times. I'm praying to be a wife that can encourage and lift him up, but can also gently call out sin in his life in a grace filled way. I'm praying for other men to come in his life that will encourage and lift him up as well. I'm praying that regardless of how broken and messy we can be individually, that we would have a marriage that honors Christ. I also pray that individually we can have lives that honor Him as well.

I began this post talking about a "Christian wife" because I wanted to show that even while following Christ, I let myself get in the way. I have to pray for conviction and a broken heart towards all of my sin daily so that the One who loves, forgives, and restores can replace more and more of that ugly stuff with His beauty.

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