Thursday, February 26, 2015

When My Husband Gets the Flu

Late Tuesday night, Alex came home with an upset stomach. Around 9:30 pm, he said "my stomach feels weird." by 11:30, he was hugging the toilet.

Here's the deal. I know what it's like to feel miserable and sick, so I take care of Alex to the best of my ability. At the same time, I absolutely hate everything about throwing up. I hate the sound, I hate the feeling, I hate the smell. Everything. Thinking about it makes me want to throw up. (A couple of winters ago, I had three strains of the flu. Three. Including that really bad norovirus that went around.
Doesn't that mean I paid in advance for at least two winters?? COME ON!) So naturally, I'm trying to do whatever I can to prevent it as well.

Here's what I did to try to get Alex feeling better quicker, and to prevent me from catching whatever he had (the verdict is still out if it worked........).

For Alex:

1) Stock up on the essentials: saltine crackers, ginger ale, lemons, chicken soup ingredients.

When I made this chicken soup, I really didn't care about taste. I put WHATEVER "super foods" I could think of in it. Cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, kale. onion, garlic, and chicken. He could only sip on the broth yesterday, but today I hope it will help replenish some nutrients he's been missing out on.

2) Let him get a lot of sleep. I gave him control of Netflix and let him lounge on the couch. He passed out after 5 minutes and slept for a few hours.

3) Epsom salt bath. Hot water, Epsom salt, baking soda, and ginger. He stayed in there for about 40 min (apparently the first 20 min is a detox, the last 20 minutes is when you absorb the nutrients). He was hesitant to do this one, but he eventually got desperate enough to do anything and everything to try to feel better. This bath really helped him start sweating out the fever. I had layers of clothing ready (plus WATER and tea...this bath requires hydration! Plus, he was done throwing up by this point) for him when he got out. He sweat all night and woke up feeling like a new person.

4) Healthy food for the day after. No junk food for him today.

For myself:

1) I washed and sanitized EVERYTHING he touched. I washed our bedspread, too, but I wasn't taking anymore chances, so last night, we slept with different blankets.

He laughed at me for doing this, but seriously, I am not playing with the flu!

2) Avoid the things that weaken my immune system. This whole winter, I have done my best to avoid the things that I know make me more likely to get sick. This list includes: greasy fast food (and I try to avoid most junk food in general...I'm NOT perfect though), consuming alcohol (I typically let myself have 1-2 drinks two to three times a month, if that), and low amounts of sleep (I need adequate amounts of sleep for so many reasons! Crabby Kelsey is not fun Kelsey).

3) Build up my immune system. Exercising consistently has helped me fight off or have less severe sickness. I diffuse essential oils in my house constantly-the oils help kill off nasty stuff in the air, and I've experienced a lot of benefits personally from the use of them. (I stopped applying them topically because I have gotten rashes from them. I used to use coconut oil as a carrier, but now I'm researching other options). I have been eating more protein, (good) fat, and veggies. I also drink large amounts of water. Recently, I have been putting lemon in my water (thanks Michelle :)). 

I know that doing all of these things may very well result in me still getting the flu. I've accepted that (not really...). Even if I do get it, at least I'm not going into it with a deficit of nutrients to begin with. (Can you tell I'm trying to validate myself????).

I probably should just invest in a bubble to live in.

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. Nice post. I keep a can of Lysol in the bedroom to spray pillows & bedding with in-between a whole washing if Hubby or I are showing any hints of a virus. Also Zicam works wonders (lozanges). We take it at the first inkling of virus symptom and it can lesson severity & and duration; sometimes even stop a virus in it's tracks. Hope you don't get it!

  2. I often find myself wanting to live in a bubble, too, for more than one reason! A blanket for each of you... you would feel right at home in Europe! That's the way they do it there. Two twin bed pushed together and a comforter for each side. No top sheet. I felt like I was sleeping with a big pillow case on me. Had a hard time with that one! I like your advice.You are too, too good. Lucky Alex! Hope all this work paid off and you ward off the flu!

  3. I too believe in lemon water and oils to help keep flu and other illnesses at bay. Hope that your hubby recovers soon.