Friday, February 6, 2015

Thank You For the Memories, Grandma

2011 was the last year my Grandma knew that I was her granddaughter. In recent years, I would tell her she was my Grandma to which she would just smile and say "oh really?" It was a sad thing to watch, but I will never forget the sweet spirit she held onto until February 4, 2015.

Growing up, my Grandma and Grandpa Warren were a huge part of my life. We lived right around the block from them, so I always rode my bike over there and loved spending time at their house. I want to reflect on some of the memories I hope to never forget.

-My Grandma took me to my first sewing class (she was VERY talented and even won awards for some of the pieces she made). My mom doesn't know how to sew, so my Grandma took it upon herself to make sure we had the basic knowledge and could at least sew on a button. 

-For my birthday every year, she would take me to the store  (usually Limited Too) to pick out a new shirt. She would joke that we were too picky and she wanted to make sure I got something I liked. That time was so special to me and it would usually include a lunch date as well.

-Every time I was at her house, she either had a dessert in the oven or a dessert ready to be eaten. Some of my favorite desserts- lemon cake, peanut butter bars, banana cake, and vanilla cake with chocolate frosting- were desserts she would frequently make. 

-A couple of times before we left for church camp, she would give us a fun shirt she had personalized for us. One year, she gave me a shirt with a cross on it that changed colors in the sun. I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

-Every Christmas morning that we lived in Aurora, we would go over to her house and make AMAZING biscuits and gravy. 

-Growing up, I had an American girl doll, and she would always make matching dresses for me and my doll. I loved matching outfits with my doll.

-When I was in fifth grade, I had to do a big project on Betsy Ross, and one of the things I was supposed to do was dress up like her. Two days before the project was due, I asked her if she could make me a dress for it. Two days before the due date. TWO DAYS. I remember her working long and hard to make sure it was done and the result was a beautiful white and light blue dress. After that. I was amazed at the sewing miracles she could produce.

-Every time I walked into her house, she would be in the kitchen watching either the Cubs game or the news.

-Every Halloween, she would give us the KING size candy bars! That was a huge deal to me and I always wanted to skip the other houses and just go to Grandma's.

-She always LOVED showing me pictures from her travels to Switzerland to see my Aunt Marti and Uncle Urs. I always loved looking at the pictures and begged her to take me with her sometime.

-My dad always liked to act like he was a perfect kid, so I loved going to her house and getting dirt on him to prove that he DID misbehave sometimes.

I have so many more memories with my Grandma, and I am so grateful for the time and memories I have with her. When I saw her this past July, I sat with her and looked through old photos from her wedding and of my dad, aunts, and uncles from when they were little. Her face lit up as she looked through pictures of her life so long ago. I would like to also mention that my Grandpa was the one who has loved and cared for her through all of these changes. The last time I was there, he left for a few minutes and as he walked back in, she pointed to him and told me "there's the love of my life right there." The unconditional love and service I saw demonstrated through him is one I hope to show in my marriage every day.

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