Monday, February 9, 2015

My Favorite Meal Planning Websites

I wasn't the best at meal planning the last week, and due to some last minute traveling, I'm not doing much of it this week either. Instead, I thought I would share my favorite websites to use while meal planning. I like to look at different sites for different "lifestyles" and food preferences.

1) Mix and Match Mama I found out about this blog from my friend Trish, and I can honestly say I have never made anything from her site that I didn't like. She posts really simple, delicious recipes. She's also Sean Lowe's sister if you're a Bachelor fan. ;)

2) Kitchen Treaty She is a vegetarian blogger, but because she is married to a meat eater, she posts recipes that are delicious meatless, but then offers meat suggestions for each recipe.

3) One Lovely Life She posts a ton of different stuff including paleo/Gluten Free/Dairy Free recipes.

4) All Recipes I honestly use this one a lot. I'll think of something I'm in the mood for-for example, one time I really wanted bangers and mash- and search for it. I love that each recipe is rated and that each recipe has helpful comments to make the dish taste even better.

5) The Clothes Make the Girl AWESOME paleo blogger. She has so many great recipes and offers various ways to alter the dish.  I have two of her books, and love that she makes cooking easy.

6) Against All Grain She is another great paleo blogger. She has some yummy looking stuff on there I am excited to try!

7) The Girl Who Ate Everything I've made quite a few dishes from her site, and I really liked them!

While I frequently visit all of these websites, I also LOVE Pinterest. You can follow me here to see what I pin. If you haven't been to any of these sites before, I hope you find some yummy meal ideas! If you try a recipe from one of these sites, or if you've already made one, I'd love to hear about what you made and how it turned out!

Happy meal planning!


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