Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How We Are Spending Our Tax Refund (AND HOW I WOULD LIKE TO)

So, we are lucky enough to get a tax refund this year. We are using it towards our debt, but I would like to share how I would rather be spending it.

1) 500 essential oils. I'm not putting a brand because I'm not about those brand wars.

2) I know I wrote a post on 10 things to do other than watch Netflix, but let's be real...these pants would be awesome to have. I know, I know they are just sweatpants, but come on, anything marketed as "Netflix Pants" catches my interest.

3) A new or fixed camera....because my dog decided to chew up my old camera. I can honestly say I was so mad I started crying. My favorite part of the situation is calling Samsung and after describing the damages, have them ask "Ma'am, have you tried turning it off and back on to see if that fixes it?" In my frustration, I literally started laughing and remembered that it's just an electronic and there are bigger problems in the world. But seriously, just think about all the dumb YouTube videos I could have created....

4) A shirt about running and insulting the government. I just think it would be ironic to use my tax refund to insult the government. I probably don't even run better than the government with how slow I am. But, then again, maybe I do. Who knows? P.S. Not directed at a specific political party-- I love all the donkeys and elephants in the house.

5) I don't know a better way to say "you're my friend" than with a Pizza Slice Friendship Necklace.I feel like I could really show some love to some my friends with this, especially if given while eating real pizza. 

In all reality, I'm really glad we are using it to pay off debt. My husband and I are working really hard on a budget that allows us to pay off debt, invest in our future, pay current bills/buy necessities, and to give where we are called to give. It's NOT easy, but we both agree on our financial priorities. While having 500 more essential oils and a new camera would be nice, sacrificing those things for now to budget properly and to ensure we are being good stewards of what we CURRENTLY have is so worth it. I'm not saying anyone who purchases those things is guilty of not being a good steward or  is budgeting incorrectly, but at every income level and with every budget, priorities and abilities are different. I try to ask myself these questions whenever I buy something (not only during tax season): Does this benefit our future? Does this benefit our family? Does my husband also see the value of this purchase? Do I NEED it? What am I willing to sacrifice to have this? If you already ask yourself these questions, you know how haunting they can be, but still, it's always better to think through those things versus blindly buying things and wondering where all your money went (me 2 years ago ;)).

And if you owe money this year, I wish I could use my refund to buy you this shirt:


  1. Congratulations on surviving tax season, Kelsey! First off, your post gave me so much amusement. Hahaha! That is such a good thing because someone who wants to survive tax season with grace really needs a good sense of humor. In any case, I agree that the tax season survivor shirt will be a great buy. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that! Kudos and all the best to you! :)

    Wanda Hanson @ Tax Tiger

    1. I actually did tax returns for others this season as well, so I thought it would be the perfect post to share ;) thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you found it to be humorous... Because the IRS doesn't play ;)