Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know that only one of you will be reading this, but on your anniversary, I wanted to write a thank you to both of you.

Mom, I wanted to thank you for showing me that love truly is eternal and doesn't pass over time. Every tear you cry and every hour spent missing dad is a testament to just how much you love him.

I am so grateful for your example as a married couple and as parents, and I have been blessed with so much love and so many great memories that I hope to bring into my family.

Dad, thank you for loving mom like Christ loves the Church. You never yelled or said anything disrespectful to her. In her tears and hurt, you loved and cared for her. You truly sought to bring joy into her life and into our family. You pointed her to Christ when she doubted herself. You taught me that there is a man in the world who will love me just as I am (and luckily I married one). You showed me that marriage and parenting aren't easy, but that together we can get through anything. You refused to judge or criticize others, but instead met people where they were at and longed to see the best for them. (I know this because I remember you coming home from work with a heavy heart for coworkers going through really hard times). I am so thankful that you chose mom, and while I wish you were still here physically, I know your love will always be here.

Mom, thank you for loving and serving dad well. Thank you for all the silly things you said that made him smile (I won't post them ;)). Thank you for your constant prayer for dad and for us. I know that in so many situations, you truly were the glue that held us all together. Thank you for showing me the importance of date nights and spending valuable time with my spouse. Thank you for showing me what it looks like to be content in times of financial security---but also in times of financial struggle and the unknown. Thank you that I saw you and dad laughing together more than anything else. Thank you for your heart to serve--at work and at home. I thank you that I can still call you with concerns and you always point me to Christ. Thank you for always encouraging me to love Alex and too seek the best for him when sometimes I am so focused on what I want. I'm sorry that dad isn't here and I know every day your heart breaks, but I continue to pray for healing and a peace in His love. I thank God for the gift of having you two as parents.



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