Friday, February 13, 2015

A Date Night Without My Phone

Last night, Alex and I were able to go on our first date night in a while. We didn't do anything too fancy- dinner at a local "dive" restaurant/bar, but it was great nonetheless. Between all of my recent traveling and his busy work schedule, we haven't had a lot of opportunities to just sit down and talk. Before getting out of the car, I decided I wasn't going to bring my phone into the restaurant.

What I learned was life changing.

1) I actually like talking to my husband. I like our conversation when both of our attention is fully focused on each other. It feels nice to be listened to and not just heard.

2) When him and I disagreed on a fact about something, it was refreshing to not have to pull out my phone and Google it to prove him wrong ;). We just changed the subject gracefully and accepted the "unknown" true answer.

3) I got to get my fair share of food. Alex is a sneaky one. If we get an appetizer, we usually like to split it 50/50, but if it's still sitting on the plate and I'm looking down at my phone, the temptation will overtake him and he WILL eat it. Not last night. I was watching.

I am going to point out that I am joking and poor Alex is usually the subject of my humor. The point is, it was REALLY nice to not have my phone and to focus on spending time with him. So often, we go out and fall victim to sitting next to each other but still looking down at our phones. (It seems to be pretty common for others as well, because we often observe it and then embarrassingly put down our own phones). I want to be more intentional about not having my phone around when I'm with my husband or friends. I want to value the time spent with others and not be so easily distracted.

Do you find yourself getting distracted by your phone when out with others? If so, I challenge you to leave it in the car while you are out with others!

But, then again....some of you are like:

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