Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Meal Plan (5)

Happy Monday!

I am not planning on spending a ton of time in the kitchen this week, so all of the meals I plan on making are quick and easy.

Meal One: Baked Potatoes and Chicken Salad. When I say chicken salad, I mean a salad with chicken on top of it. I like to put bell peppers, carrots, and olive oil/flavored vinegar on it.

Meal Two: Quinoa and Black Beans We like to put this in tortillas and have vegan (vegetarian with cheese ;)) burritos. It is pretty good by itself as well, and tastes really good as leftovers.

Meal Three: My coworkers were eating an Alfredo chicken and spinach flatbread one day at lunch, so I am inspired to make my own. Our grocery store has some really good pre-made flatbread that I'm excited to try. Also, instead of Alfredo sauce, I'm going to make an olive oil/garlic sauce and top it with spinach, chicken, and feta cheese. I hope it's good!

Meal Four: Don't judge me: Grilled Cheese. It just sounded reaaaaally good.

This week definitely isn't as clean, but both Alex and I have a busy week and won't be eating many meals together, so I tried to pick things that would be quick and easy to make for one or two. One meal will also be spent with our Community Group from church--taco night. :)

I'm going to make some portioned salads for lunch. I season the chicken I put on the salads with whatever sounds good at the moment. Usually it is garlic powder, pepper, and another spice. I also like to marinade it in Italian dressing for a couple of hours and then put it in the oven (400 degrees, 20-25 min). I have been bringing celery and peanut butter to snack on at work.

For breakfast, I usually eat a bagel, and this week I have plain bagels that I top with peanut butter.

To see the meals I made last week, click here.

The new recipes we tried were the chicken lime soup and the buffalo turkey lettuce wraps. The chicken lime soup was really good and like she says, LET IT SIT OVERNIGHT! It is so much better on day two and three. The buffalo turkey lettuce wraps were so easy to make and really tasty. I was surprised how quickly I filled up on them too.
Here's a picture of the buffalo turkey lettuce wraps. I used Frank's Buffalo Sauce. 

 This is how I feel after going to the grocery store, but in all reality, we save so much money by meal planning. We realized we now only go out to eat 1-2 times a month, whereas, in the past, we would go out every weekend. It's been fun eating at home and experimenting with food.

I'm pretty happy with my workouts last week. I haven't lost any weight yet, but I feel so much better and my clothes are starting to fit better again. I'm not really focusing on eating a certain amount of calories or adhering to a specific diet because I want to eat better and make good choices 

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