Saturday, January 17, 2015


I am feeling very motivated today, so I am writing this post for the days/nights when I feel like watching Netflix is the most productive thing I can do.  (Who new that in 2015, I would need a list like this???)

Here is a picture from one of those nights:
(I feel like my dog captures the mood perfectly)So here we go, a list of things to do other than watch Netflix: 1) Go on a walk. My sleeping dog would wake up for that. 2) Go on a run. This one could probably be combined with #1 because my running still includes a lot of walking. 3) Cook something fancy and time consuming. (Then post about it on Instagram because if you're anything like me, you will need validation from a minimum of 3 other people...husbands don't count.) Feeling Cultural? Sweet Tooth? 4) I really want to start doing things that are fun AND active. I'm trying to find different indoor rock climbing gyms, Zumba/cardio classes, and trails to explore. I recently watched a youtube video of some skiers, so now I'm on the hunt for some close-ish mountains to shred. Just kidding, they shred me. Really, the last time I went skiing I couldn't slow down and a guy had to stretch out his arm to stop me so I wouldn't end up in the lake. I WILL sign up for lessons, no worries. :) 5) .....Clean.6) Read a book. (Find a movie on Netflix that is based off of a book and read it first, then watch the movie as "research" to compare/contrast ;).7) Volunteer! For me, this would mean sitting down and getting work done for who I am currently volunteering with. But, there are also a lot of opportunities to go out and serve.8) Play a game! (Not a video game).9) Craft! I really want to make a basic burlap wreath and then create attachments for each holiday/season that I can easily switch out. This would take a lot of time (and maybe Netflix can even be on in the background ;)).10) Write a letter to a friend/family member. I love snail mail and love sending it out. It's something I don't do nearly enough and it is something I find to be special. I think any act of love and kindness is a great alternative to watching tv. :)Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Netflix and enjoy watching movies, tv shows, documentaries, etc., but I want to have a go-to list to encourage me to limit my tv consumption. :) Let me know what you like to do when you unplug! 

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