Monday, September 29, 2014

Our Meal Plan This Week (1)

Hello there!

I love meal planning, but sometimes, it is really hard. Seriously, when I sit down, I can only think about making tacos and grilled chicken. Or I'll plan a pasta dish every single night of the week. I'll try recipes that we both love, but I easily forget about them. So, hopefully this will serve as a reminder and help me with future meal planning. 

Sometimes I have to search for motivation to meal plan, but sometimes meal planning is the best part of my day. Today, I was really excited to meal plan! 

Here is what we have going on this week: 

Monday: Chocolate Chili. This is one of those meals that when I ask Alex if there is anything he would like, he always says "let's have chili one night this week!" Seriously. Every.Week. But, it's really good and gets better and better on day 2 and 3. We have both of her cookbooks, but she also posted the site online. If you are into paleo/real food cooking, I recommend her cookbooks! We really like them! Chocolate Chili-The Clothes Make the Girl

Tuesday: Dinner plans.

Wednesday: Dinner plans. Buuut I did volunteer to bring dessert...mostly because I want to try this: S'mores Bars- Mix and Match Mama (I love her site and am determined to try 99% of her recipes--the 1% I can't try involve mushrooms...because Alex hates mushrooms, I scroll past those) Thanks Trish for showing me her site!! :)

Thursday: Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers. We've never tried this recipe before, so we shall see. I found this one on Pinterest. We love quinoa and bell peppers, so I don't really know what could go wrong with this recipe :) (And they look reaaaally easy) Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers-Cooking Quinoa

Friday: Normally we do leftovers of anything we still have from the week. We are going to a wedding on Saturday, and have stuff going on all day Sunday, but this is my "just in case" meal (and something I can make Monday if we don't need it during the weekend :)) This is another Pinterest find and our first time trying it! Also, it's a crock pot meal! Sausage and Cheese Tortellini- Recipe Mothers

***Next time I do this, I'll put what we thought about the 2 new meals we tried! :)

I am lucky to have an awesome husband who lets me try out all of my Pinterest finds on him (we have had some nights of "maybe we should order a pizza instead"). I am also so thankful for the time right now to invest in meal planning and building our own traditions and favorite meals. I know that motherhood/fatherhood, work, and other obligations can take a lot of time out of planning meals, and I hope that this has in some way made planning dinner a little easier for you :). I will probably do a couple more of these as we try new recipes, and as we make recipes we love and think you'll love too. God bless!